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Clinton Campaigns on UFOs

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Hillary Clinton is campaigning for the White House promising that if elected, she will "get to the bottom" of UFOs and release all the supposed secret government documents that Fox Moulder has been searching for all his life. So while the Republican party is campaigning on the issue of illegal aliens, the Democrat party is upping the ante and campaigning on the issue of space aliens. An interesting strategy to say the least.

Let's disregard the fact that the government has already released several official reports on its investigation of the whole UFO phenomenon (see Project Sign, Project Grudge, Project Blue Book and the Condon Report), the issue is that people believe a giant cover-up is in play and that all those reports are therefore unreliable. Why? Because the government's reports are generally dismissive of the little green men hypothesis and the logic goes, if the government denies something then it must actually be true. I'm not sure how Hillary Clinton plans to circumvent this perception of government honesty however, because if she is elected and is somehow able to produce some new government report why would anyone trust the veracity of that one?

Clearly the consensus is that aliens must exist- it's practically a foregone conclusion and the conspiracy theorists won't rest until the government confirms this. As the government is thought to know everything and aliens are thought to be a fact, it isn't all that unreasonable to assume a few top-secret dark ops branches of the Pentagon (agents J and K naturally) have extensive knowledge of the subject... Unless of course there actually isn't any empirical evidence of aliens to begin with. In that case then the whole government cover-up myth is actually the only thing keeping the hypothesis alive. So what will happen if and when Clinton authorizes a new report that will inevitably deny any empirical evidence of extra-terrestrial life visiting earth?

You see, it's not just the government that can't find any hard evidence- UFOlogists have been struggling as well. The entire Extra-Terrestrial Hypothesis has largely been abandoned in favor of the more nebulous and unscientific Inter-Dimensional Hypothesis. As science has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that physical beings could not possibly travel the great distances across the galaxy (let alone the universe) due to the limitations of physics, not technology, true believers had to alter their explanation. Now aliens are inter-dimensional beings that can simply materialize in our plane of existence at will, disregard all of the physical laws of the universe and vanish into thin air as quickly as they appeared. They are non-physical entities and therefore investigating them has been classified as paranormal rather than scientific endeavors. In biblical terms, these beings are spiritual, not physical and can therefore be easily identified as demonic. If you doubt that conclusion, read "Alien Intrusion: UFOs and the Evolution Connection" by Gary Bates. The fact that demonic possesion cases and alien abduction cases are identical in nature, abductees can reconnect with their alien abductors via occult practices and that even UFOlogists have found that any person who has ever called on the name of Jesus during an alien abduction experience has reported the experience immediately stopped are just a few of the evidences in that book that should adequately convince you.

But aside from what Hillary Clinton is campaigning on, the more interesting question to me is why. This becomes much more clear when you realize that it's not just a few crazy people who believe in aliens. Recent polls have shown around 54% of Americans believe in extra-terrestrial life (see here) and some polls suggest numbers as high as even 77% think aliens have visited our planet (see here). So it shouldn't be surprising when Hillary claims the majority of FOI (Freedom of Information) requests that the government received during her husband's presidency were regarding UFOs and aliens. It may be that Americans are actually more concerned with unverifiable space aliens that may have visited our planet than verifiable illegal aliens that have certainly crossed our border- and that reality is truly unnerving.


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