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Hollywood's Noah: Kabbalah not Scripture

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

I was so looking forward to this film. In fact, I was teaching Biblical Worldview in a DTS the week it came out and I took the students out opening weekend so we could enjoy the flood together. I knew it would take some liberties, but it had received positive reviews from Christian publications so I was not prepared to have this steaming pile of pre-diluvian poo assault my senses. I was amazed at how just about every facet of the film contradicted the Biblical text and maligned the message of scripture. Then I read this review and it all sudenly made sense. Kudos to Dr. Brian Mattson for writing up this article- give it a thorough read either before or after you watch the boat wreck called "Noah." Oh, and DTS students- please accept my sincerest appologies for subjecting you this theological torture. Click here for Dr. Mattson's article. The video is his response to critics regarding the article.

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