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Science Censored: Study Calls Hand "Designed by a Creator"

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

A recent scientific study that was published about the fine-tuned motions of the human hand caused an uproar in the scientific community because it called the hand "designed" by a "creator." Scientists have threatened to ban the journal unless the study was removed or edited and called the whole notion of intelligent design "pseudoscience." The study's authors quickly responded that the terminology was actually a translation error (the majority of the authors were Chinese) and apologized, so while the entire debacle may be a non-issue, it certainly highlights the extreme prejudice in the scientific community.

Evolutionists would like you to believe that their pet theory is scientific fact while creationism or intelligent design is a flight of fancy. Press them for empirical evidence for Darwinian evolution (macroevolution) however and they can't produce any. They will instead use the same logical fallacy (the "appeal to authority" logical fallacy) that Global Warming believers repeat ad nauseam- that nearly all scientists agree. Scientific historical reality apparently bends to the will of a simple democratic vote. But just like the Global Warming "consensus," the number of scientists supporting evolution are highly inflated as well.

While Ben Stein's documentary "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" (YouTube link to full movie here) stumbles here and there, it does hit on some important realities, namely that the scientific community actively suppresses dissenting views regarding evolution. It's not that all scientists support evolution, it's that they can't speak out about their doubts and contradictory evidence in fear of losing their jobs, grant funding and ability to publish. As the scientific community's reaction to the aforementioned human hand study demonstrates, the evolutionary mob tends to discourage any dissenting voices. The irony is those same evolutionary mob members will then dismiss intelligent design as "pseudoscience" because of the lack of scientific papers supporting it.

As much as the Western world likes to believe that science is an unbiased field of study and that scientists are inerrant truth tellers who simply communicate facts, the reality is careers, politics, power, money and "too big to fail" theories are entrenched in this business and to be successful in it requires playing by the establishment's rules.


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