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Decreasing IQ and a Biblical Worldview

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

I speak on Biblical worldview a lot in YWAM DTS's and how it stands in stark contrast to the evolutionary worldview. While an evolutionary perspective states that order comes from chaos and all life is becoming smarter, more hardy and better over time, the Biblical perspective is the opposite- that creation began in perfection but is now in decline due to the compounding effects of sin and death.

One of the implications of this decline is human intelligence. Modern science portrays ancient man as primitive and uneducated with only a rudimentary understanding of the world around him. However there is much evidence in the historical and archaeological record that points to ancient man being incredibly brilliant and resourceful. Some of the engineering feats of ancient man would be difficult to duplicate today even with our modern machines and technology. To try to explain this glaring discrepancy, some have offered up the Ancient Astronaut Theory which posits that advanced alien beings must have given poor ancient man a helping hand. While most scientists would scoff at the Ancient Astronaut Theory, even prominent evolutionary scientists like Richard Dawkins are flirting with idea that aliens designed or seeded life on earth due to the increasingly problematic Darwinian theory. Of course the simpler answer is that ancient man was neither primitive nor unintelligent. Scripture claims that man was very capable from day one in agriculture, husbandry, music, engineering, metallurgy and city building (see Genesis chapter 4). Which source should we trust?

Along comes an article I stumbled upon the other day which reports that recent studies are showing IQ scores are falling and may have been since at least the Victorian age. This parallels the fact that SAT tests have been dumbed down over the decades as well. Some say the average IQ will continue to fall indefinitely while others are more optimistic, but either way this is hardly good news for the Darwinists. While our technology is currently increasing at a staggering rate, that won't last forever- historically technology has gone in cycles with great advancements as well as great losses. It's easy to have faith in humanity's technological utopian future now, but it will be interesting to see how optimistic our scientists are when we have to cope with a sudden loss of technology (due to war, economic collapse, natural disasters etc.) in the future with a diminished intellectual capacity to restore them.

But at least today I can take solace in the small victory for a Biblical worldview.

Read the IQ news article here.


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