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Science Finds God More Probable than Evolution

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

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Despite the message that evolution is all but a certainty in our Western media and education, the truth is that evolution has been struggling for several decades. The more we discover, the less likely the theory becomes. When the theory was first made popular by Darwin and others there was zero proof presented- just assumptions and predictions that all turned out to be incredibly inaccurate. For example, Darwin hypothesized that the cell would be discovered to be a very simple structure and the fossil record would contain innumerable transitional species. In reality the cell was discovered to be an incredibly sophisticated and complex system of machinery, structure and code while the fossil record was found to be utterly devoid of transitional lifeforms.

But rather than abandon an erroneous hypothesis, scientists made a sacred cow out of it and simply add patch after patch to keep it hypothetically viable for the time being. New improbabilities are invented and presented as explanations for the glaring disparity between evolutionary sciences' predictions VS. actual scientific observations. For example, when the traditional Darwinian theory of "slow and gradual change over time" could not be supported by the fossil record, a new and completely untested hypothesis was thrown out to explain the lack of evidence for evolution- Punctuated Equilibrium. This theory states that we do not observe any evidence for evolution in the fossil record because evolution actually happens overnight. A fish lays an egg and out pops an amphibian according to this theory, so naturally we wouldn't see any transitional species in the fossil record. The fact that we don't observe any evidence for evolution is in fact proof of evolution in this twisted logic. Evolutionary science has long forgone the scientific method and instead resorted to bias confirmation and assumptions. The question isn't "is evolution possible or probable?" but simply "how did it happen?"

Evolution is assumed to be true regardless of the predictions being incorrect, the evidence lacking or the experiments contradicting the premise because the only viable alternative is creation- and that is unacceptable to many scientists because that means there are realities in our cosmos that cannot be put under a microscope. In other words, God is dismissed as a possibility (regardless how probable that possibility becomes) because science can only study the physical universe and in their arrogance, scientists have decided that the physical universe is therefore all that exists. For to admit otherwise is to admit their own limitations and they quite like being revered as the gatekeepers to all knowledge, the high priests of their materialistic societies.

The fact that the theory of evolution has been crumbling for decades is not a new revelation but it is beginning to be recognized by the layman and even mainstream media. The Wall Street Journal put out a piece boldly titled, "Science Increasingly Makes the Case for God" and judging from the comments section, atheists are none too pleased. But it should come as no surprise- the Bible states that "the heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of His hands..." If we study God's creation, it will inevitably lead us to the creator... If we would allow it.


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