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The Center of the Universe

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

The ancient view that the Earth is at (or near) the center of the universe has long been discarded. The geocentric models were abandoned in favor of heliocentric and then later the idea of a center was abandoned altogether. Ironically, the reason a cosmological center was abandoned was because new evidence pointed conspicuously at Earth being at or near that center. As our modern evolutionary theories could have none of that, expanding universe models were adopted to "explain away" the inconvenient and uncomfortable new data which gave rise to the notion that the universe had no center at all. But more evidence kept coming in, requiring more fudge factors, newer models and more rationalizations. But like in so many other fields of science, the evidence is beginning to speak louder than the information gatekeepers and evolutionary zealots can effectively control and people are starting to realize the emperor has no clothes. From quantized redshift and supervoids to radiation maps of the cosmic microwave background, the newest scientific evidence is shattering established paradigms and suggesting that the Earth is in a very special place in the universe... At or near the center, just like all ancient cultures believed. Coming out this year (2015), a brand new documentary called "The Principle" brings this evidence and the resulting scientific debate to the forefront. As the Big Bang theory continues to crumble while better theories are ignored due to not aligning with established evolutionary dogma, all too often the public is led to believe that science is completely objective and has no agenda. Unfortunately the rhetoric and mythos of science has created the comforting illusion of linear progression toward truth when in reality, science is nothing but perception (Plato) and is being dictated by godless men who deny the existence of their creator. Unfortunately, many who do not deny the existence of their creator have bought into this rhetoric and have compromised their biblical worldview. I hope this documentary can be used to help change the tide. Check out the official website to find screenings near you.


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